Open Access

American Research Journals always gives priority to the research scholars, students, researchers, clinicians, who wanted to achieve those standards of research to the next level by giving the open accessibility.

American Research Journals concentrates more on ethics and principles of Open Access as we are providing the unrestricted Open Access to the research for enhancing the possibilities of developing and knowing more about the subjective knowledge about the respective topics. We are given a free Open Access to view the subjective papers, though our table of contents on each and every subject.

Open access Publication helps in creating the opportunities to all the scientists, research scholars and students in publishing the journals without any hassle free transactions on copywriting and subscription and licensing articles.

The majority of open access benefits are available to all the scholars, students, lecturers, research students, journalists, in fact, people who want to communicate their research details to all over the world. This has become so simple due to the internet usage, and this can be accessed by almost 70% of the world. So there cannot be conflict in conveying the details of research to a maximum number of people.

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