Hodges Conjecture Clay Institute Millennium Problem Solution

Paul T E Cusack*

Citation: Hodges Conjecture Clay Institute Millennium Problem Solution. American Research Journal of Mathematics. vol 3, no. 1, 2017, pp. 1-4.

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Here we consider the Hodge’s Conjecture that expresses when a projective manifold coincides with a sum of algebraic cycles. More generally, this entails the convergence of geometry and calculus which has been discussed in this author’s previous paper.

Keywords: Hodge’s Conjecture; Polynomials; Analytic sums; Geometry; Calculus.



In his paper, we consider the Hodge’s Conject Clay Institute Millennium Problem solution.That problem is described as follows:


Let X be a non-singular complex projective manifold. Then every Hodge class on X is a linear combination with rational coefficients of the cosmology classes of complex sub varieties of X.

Therefore, roots are always even.


We have worked out a possible set of solutions to the Hodges Conjecture. We have considered Analytic functions, C, summed into the general polynomial, P. This allows us to mold geometry and calculus together.


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