American Research Journals, Inc. is going to expose the conferences and the Conferences aim to provide an opportunity for researchers to present their ideas, proposals, or research for feedback from their colleagues. Copyrights remain with the authors to maximize the exposure of their research and not limit future journal publications.

Conferences organized by the American Research Journals, Inc. cover a wide series of subjects like Medicine, Science, Engineering & Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Business and Social Sciences. 

American Research Journals, Inc. also provides a premier interdisciplinary platform for professors, scientists, researchers, practitioners and students to present and discuss the most recent innovations, developments, and concerns in addition to realistic, demanding situations encountered and solutions adopted in the respective research fields.

American Research Journals, Inc. aims to conduct conferences to spread scientific knowledge throughout the globe; we encourage all professors, researchers, scientists, post-docs and graduate students, to attend the conferences in their respective research field.