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Workplace Violence, Anxiety and Self-Esteem in Nursing Staff of Primary, Emergency and Intensive Care Units on the Island of Crete

Maria Maniou, Sofia Zyga, Spyros Vliamos, Panagiotis Prezerakos, Katerina Flora, Andreas Pavlakis

View | Download | Full Text | DOI:10.21694/2379-2922.18003

The Relation between Trunk-to-Head Bathing and the Traditional Head-to-Trunk Bathing on Newborns' Outcome

Safaa Soliman Ahmed Mohamed, Sahar Sedky Faheim, Doaa Shehta Said Farg, Hanan Elzeblawy Hassan

View | Download | Full Text | DOI:10.21694/2379-2922.18002

Emergency Nurses Readiness for Disaster Response - An Explorative Study

Mohammed Ali Salem Sultan, P. Ester Mary, Hamad Salem Al Grad

View | Download | Full Text | DOI:10.21694/2379-2922.18001



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