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Disparities of Prevalence and Causes of Maternal Antenatal Anxiety among Primigravida Pregnant Women in Egypt

Hanan Elzeblawy Hassan, Samah Abd Elhaliem Said, Sharbat Thabet Hassanine

View | Download | Full Text | DOI:10.21694/2379-2922.17014

Impact of Pregnant Advanced Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Training Program on Maternity Nurses’ knowledge, Attitude and Practice in Beni-Suef City

Safaa Soliman Ahmed, Nahed Mousa Saber, Hanan Elzeblawy Hassan, Eman Hessien Heggy

View | Download | Full Text | DOI:10.21694/2379-2922.17013

Effect of Preventive Program on Progression of Osteoporosis among Female Patients over 40 years at El-Fayoum City

Sharbat Thabet Hassanine, Hanan Elzeblawy Hassan, Zainab Gazar Alkotb

View | Download | Full Text | DOI:10.21694/2379-2922.17012

Zabbaleen Women’s Perspectives on Suffering

Andrea Knopp, Ph.D., MSN, MPH, FNP-BC

View | Download | Full Text | DOI:10.21694/2379-2922.17011

Effectiveness of Planned Teaching Programme in Knowledge on Play Therpy among Mothers of Hospitalized Children

Hamad Salem Al Grad, P.Ester Mary, Abdullah Baraik S Al Awad, Ibrahim Mubarak Al Baalharith, Mohammed Ali Salem Sultan

View | Download | Full Text | DOI:10.21694/2379-2922.17010

A Quasi-Experimental Study to Assess Consequences of Early Versus Delay Umbilical Cord Clamping on Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes in Beni-Suef city

Safaa Soliman Ahmed, Sahar Sedky Faheim, Hanan Elzeblawy Hassan, Mohamed Meabed

View | Download | Full Text | DOI:10.21694/2379-2922.17009

Nursing Documentation: A survey of Hemodialysis Documentation Status at Kenyatta National Hospital’s Renal Unit

Assanga Amesa Phoebe, Isiaho Amugutsi Lilian

View | Download | Full Text | DOI:10.21694/2379-2922.17008

Anxiety and Suicidality Risk in Primary Care in General Population

Maria Maniou, Christos Klisiaris, Sofia Zyga, Georgios Tsikritsakis, Katerina Anathreptaki, Constantinos Togas, Maniola Naska

View | Download | Full Text | DOI:10.21694/2379-2922.17007

Interventions in the Primary Care Setting Aimed at Improving the Completion Rate of Advance Directives

Denise Goddard, Maureen Courtney

View | Download | Full Text | DOI:10.21694/2379-2922.17006

Photovoice an Exercise of Emancipation for Nursing

Mg. Sandra Sandoval-Barrientos

View | Download | Full Text | DOI:10.21694/2379-2922.17005

Evaluation of Body Mechanics Erogonomic Posture Training and Education on Back Injury Prevention (Beeb) Intervention on Low Back Pain Among Staff Nurses

Ibrahim Mubarak Al Baalharith, P. Ester Mary, Hamad Salem Al Grad, Abdullah Baraik S Al Awad

View | Download | Full Text | DOI:10.21694/2379-2922.17004

Empowerment of Home Health Care Case Managers

Linda Basso Melodia, DNP, RN, Barbara Penprase, PhD, RN, Linda L. Strong, EdD, RN

View | Download | Full Text | DOI:10.21694/2379-2922.17003

Workarounds to Medication Preparation and Administration within an Intensive Care Unit:A Qualitative Study

Fernanda RE Gimenes, Patricia B Marck, Elisabeth Atila, Mayara Carvalho Godinho Rigobello, Ana Paula Gobbo Motta, Emanuel Nunes, Rosana Aparecida Pereira

View | Download | Full Text | DOI:10.21694/2379-2922.17002

Development of a Nursing Competency Assessment Tool: A Pilot Study inside the Department of Pediatric Intensive Care

Chiara Tosin, Amabile Bonaldi, Paolo Biban, Dr. Salco Andrea, Dr. Chinchiolo Paola

View | Download | Full Text | DOI:10.21694/2379-2922.17001



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