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American Research Journal of History and Culture is a peer-reviewed online journal dedicated in pioneering new research in history and various cultures. Our aim is to publish the highest quality, peer-reviewed, Open Access, History and Culture articles to the widest possible audience with its strong online platform. We look for the perfect drawing on the latest historical, cultural, political, social, and theoretical analytical research. We achieve this by working closely with our authors, editorial board members, and staff.

We welcome articles of original research, reviews etc on global history and various cultures.

  • Anthropology
  • Art history
  • Communication
  • Cultural anthropology
  • Cultural dynamics
  • Cultural history
  • Cultural studies
  • Diplomatic history
  • Early modern discourses
  • Early researchers and development of cultural sociology
  • Economic history
  • English Romanticism
  • Environmental history
  • Film/video studies
  • Gender history
  • Geographical locations
  • German Romanticism
  • Historians
  • Historical methods
  • Historiography
  • History and prehistory
  • History of religion
  • Intellectual history
  • Literary theory
  • Marxian theory of history
  • Media theory
  • Military history
  • Museum studies
  • People's history
  • Periods
  • Philosophy of history
  • Political economy
  • Prehistoric periodisation
  • Pseudohistory
  • Public history
  • Regions
  • Social history
  • Social theory
  • Sociology
  • The judgement of history
  • World history



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