Table of Content 2018

Survivorship in Women Undergoing Gynecological and Breast Cancer Treatment in Upper Egypt: The Impact of Quality of Life Improvement Educational Program

Fatma Saber Nady Mohammed, Mamdouh El-Sherbiny Ramadan Shahin, Entisar Mohammed Youness, Hanan Elzeblawy Hassan

View | Download | Full Text | DOI:10.21694/2577-5928.18001

The Role of Sonographic Markers of Ovarian Morphology Versus Hirsutism Indices in the Prediction of Serum Total Testosterone in Hirsute Women

Mohamed Tawfik Gad Al-Rab, Emad MossaI brahim, Momen Mohamed Hassan, Dina Hisham Hussain Emam Abdallah

View | Download | Full Text | DOI:10.21694/2577-5928.18002

Success Rate of Intra Cytoplasm Sperm Injection (ICSI) among Sudanese Women with Low Serum Anti-mullerian Hormone (AMH)

Malaz Bashir Alemam, Mohammed Ali Rida, AbdElkarim A. Abdrabo

View | Download | Full Text | DOI:10.21694/2577-5928.18003



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