American Research Journal of Geriatrics and Aging

Geriatrics or geriatric medicine is a specialty that focuses on health care of elderly people. It aims to promote health by preventing and treating diseases and disabilities in older adults. There is no set age at which patients may be under the care of a geriatrician or geriatric physician, a physician who specializes in the care of elderly people.

American Research Journal of Geriatrics and Aging explores the complex and dynamic relationship between gerontology and health, of which scholars present views and perspectives from a wide variety of disciplines, including Allied Health, Psychology, Public Health, Social Policy and Work, Epidemiology, Health Services Research, Sociology, and Nursing.

Most of the various research parameters will be genuinely checked on original research and review papers, as well as auxiliary material such as research papers, case studies, technical reports, this leads to the best output from every researcher as an added advantage to their streamline of research.

  • Cardiogeriatrics
  • Geriatric dentistry
  • Geriatric dermatology
  • Geriatric diagnostic imaging
  • Geriatric emergency medicine
  • Geriatric nephrology
  • Geriatric neurology
  • Geriatric oncology
  • Geriatric pharmacotherapy
  • Geriatric psychiatry or psychogeriatrics
  • Geriatric public health or preventive geriatrics
  • Geriatric rehabilitation
  • Geriatric rheumatology
  • Geriatric sexology
  • Orthogeriatrics
  • Geriatric Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • Geriatric urology
  • Geriatric otolaryngology
  • Geriatric General Surgery
  • Geriatric trauma
  • Geriatric gynecology
  • Geriatric ophthalmology
  • Geriatric anesthesia
  • Geriatric intensive-care unit
  • Geriatric nursing
  • Geriatric nutrition
  • Geriatric Occupational Therapy
  • Geriatric Pain Management
  • Geriatric Physical Therapy
  • Geriatric podiatry
  • Geriatric psychology
  • Geriatric Speech-Language Pathology



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