American Research Journal of English and Literature | ISSN-2378-9026

American Research Journal of English and Literature is an international, peer-reviewed, open access online journal. English literature is the study of literature written in the English language. It includes some of history's most famous writers: James Joyce (Ireland), William Shakespeare (England), Mark Twain (United States), Arthur Conan Doyle (Scotland), Dylan Thomas (Wales), and Vladimir Nabokov (Russia), just to name a few. English literature dates back more than five centuries.

This represents writers not only from different parts of the world and time periods, but it covers every major genre and style of writing as well. The journal welcomes and publishes insightful English Literature related research articles in the form of original articles, review articles, short reviews, short notes etc.

Given below are some of the key (but not limited) topics of this journal.

  • African literature
  • Allusions
  • American literature
  • American poetry
  • Australian literature
  • Author Study
  • British literature
  • Canadian literature
  • Caribbean literature
  • Character Study
  • Comparison between two characters
  • English novel
  • English poetry
  • Evolution of Author
  • Evolution of Literature
  • Gender Roles
  • Indian English literature
  • Irish literature
  • Irish theatre
  • List of English-language poets
  • Literature in the other languages of Britain
  • Literature of Birmingham
  • Literature of Northern Ireland
  • Modernist poetry in English
  • New Zealand literature
  • Pakistani English literature
  • Politics
  • Postcolonial literature
  • Religion
  • Scottish literature
  • Theater of the United States
  • Theatre in Scotland
  • Theatre of the United Kingdom
  • Theatre of Wales
  • Transformation
  • Treatment of Character
  • Welsh literature in English
  • Women's writing in English



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