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Appropriating Emotional Distress, Disturbance, and Grief in the Novel Heart of Darkness and the Film Apocalypse Now - A Brief Analysis

Dr. Craig Doughty

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A Culture of Guns: Firearms a Key Feature of the Hemingway Narrative and Persona

Neil L. R. Tate

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Do the Electric Things Have Their Lives, Too? Philip K. Dick on Post-Humanity

Masaomi Kobayashi

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Review of Enid Blyton’s House at the Corner House at the Corner: A Call for Family Solidarity and Character Integrity

Dr. Omar Osman Jabak

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Abdication under Senile Insouciance and that under Renunciation: A Comparison of Shakespeare’s King Lear and the Bodhisattva King Makhadeva

E. A. Gamini Fonseka

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