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Anti-müllerian hormone is found raised in polycystic ovarian syndrome

Sadiqa-Tuqan, M A Hasanat, Marufa-Mustari, Hurjahan-Banu, Nazma-Akhtar, Md Fariduddin

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Effect of Metformin Therapy Over Hormone Profile in Newly Diagnosed Polycystic Ovary Syndrome –A Nine Months Randomized Controlled Trial

Nazma-Akhtar, M A Hasanat, Hurjahan-Banu, Sadiqa-Tuqan, Marufa-Mustari, Tania-Sultana, Md Fariduddin

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Prevalence of Salmonella Typhi Among Patients in Abia State University Teaching Hospital Aba Abia State, Nigeria

Ezejindu C. N

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Factors that Contribute to Prevalence of Malnutrition among Children Between 0-5 years in Mbutu, Aboh Mbaise, Imo State

Ezejindu C. N, Nwosu U.M.

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Dysfunction of Maternal Thyroid Hormones and Psychiatric Symptoms

Ahmed R.G.

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