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Insular-Arc Volcanic Ecosystems as Centres of Forming the New Parts of Continental Biosphere(by the example of South-Kuril Insular Ridge)

Erland G. Kolomyts

View | Download | Full Text| DOI: 10.21694/2642-3022.19001

Design and Development of an earthquake warning system module using Electronic sensor for tilt identification and low frequency sensing analysis

Dr. Pushan Kumar Dutta

View | Download | Full Text| DOI: 10.21694/2642-3022.19002

Examining the Soils Adjacent to the Historical Pitch Lake for Levels of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (Pahs) and Naturally Occurring Pah-Degrading Bacteria

Amalia Hosein, Azad Mohammed, Pathmanathan Umaharan, Adesh Ramsubhag

View | Download | Full Text| DOI: 10.21694/2642-3022.19003

A Review of the Carbonate Facies of the Ewekoro Formation, Nigeria: Its Origin, Diagenesis and Classification

Olumuyiwa A. Odundun

View | Download | Full Text| DOI: 10.21694/2642-3022.19004

Sub-Soil Properties of Hydrocarbon Contaminated Sites in Parts of the Eastern Niger Delta, Nigeria

Nwankwoala, H.O, Mzaga, T.M

View | Download | Full Text| DOI: 10.21694/2642-3022.19005



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