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Xerostomia as a Contributing Factor for Taste Distortion in Patients Undergoing Chronic Dialysis Treatment

D. Konstantinova1, A. Nenova-Nogalcheva2, P. Pechalova3, R. Pancheva4, D. Andonova5

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Traumatic Occlusion: Potential Etiologic Risk Factor Leading to a Destructive Periodontal Disease

KINA, José Ricardo*, KINA, Eunice FumicoUmeda†

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A Simplified Approach for Provisionalization Utilizing Extracted Natural Tooth as a Pontic-A Clinical Report

Ankita Rathi, MDSa, Suraj Ram Bhakta Mathema, MDSb

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Oral Microbiome: Metagenomics in Oral Health

Ling LU, Clémentine THABUIS

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The Pro-Inflammatory Response of Macrophages During Dental Implant with the Help of Titanium Surface Coating Modulates

Dr. Shahzada Faiz Ahmad Khan, Dr. Zeeshan Irshad, Dr. Ahmad Naeem Orakzai, Dr. Furqan Jamal

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