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Analysis of Water User Cooperatives Using a Fuzzy Regression Model in Jarghoyeh Region,Isfahan Province, Iran

1Amir-Mozafar Amini, 1Mehdi Khayati, 2Saeid Eslamian, 3*Kaveh Ostad-Ali-Askari, 4Vijay P. Singh, 5Nicolas R. Dalezios

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Prediction Comparison of Flow Resistance in Channels with Rounded and Angular Coarse Rough Beds

1Zahra Askari, 2Hossein Samadi-Boroujeni, 2Rouhollah Fattahi-Nafchi, 3Neda Yousefi4Saeid Eslamian, 5*Kaveh Ostad-Ali-Askari, 6Vijay P. Singh, 7Nicolas R. Dalezios

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Crack Repair in Concrete Using Biological Methods

Zahra Askari1, Mehdi Asadi Aghbolaghi2, Ali Hasantabar Amiri3, Kaveh Ostad-Ali-Askari4* Saeid Eslamian5

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Comparison between the Strength Characteristics of Pozzolan Stabilized Lateritic Soil of Coconut Shell Husk Ash and Palm Kernel Shell Husk Ash Admixtures

Onyelowe, K. C (1), Ubachukwu, O.A(2), Onuoha, I.C(3), Ikpa, C(4) And Umoren, P (5)

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Classification of Zayandehrud River Basin Water Quality Regarding Agriculture, Drinking, and Industrial Usage

Mohammad Salarian ,Masumeh Najafi 2, S Vahid Hosseini 3, Mohammad Heydari1

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