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Polyurethane Foam in a Reliable Method for Electrophoretic Separation of Proteins

Loai Aljerf, Farouk Dehmchi, Viet Ty Pham, Ala Eldin Choukaife

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Cyclisation of Cell-Penetrating PDZ-Binding Peptides Directed to PSD95

Suraj Dabhi, Kate Duberly, Jamie Al-Nasir, Najith Wijesiriwardana, Brian Austen

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Thermodynamics and Entropy in Natural and Artificial Systems

Richard D. Sauerheber

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Study on the Chemical Composition, Nutritionally Valuable Minerals and Functional Properties of African Baobab, Adansonia Digitata, Seed Flour and Chemical Analysis on the Baobab Seed Oil

Wapwera A. J., Egila J. N.

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Physicochemical Properties and Anti-Microbial Activity of Local Black Soap and its Comparison with Ghana Soap with Respect to Nigerian Industrial Standard

A.O.Edah1, C.B.Nnoli2 , D.F.Wetkum 3

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Inter-Subshell Break in the Lattice Enthalpies of First-Row Transition-Metal Trichlorides

*1Peter G. Nelson, 2David A. Johnson

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Green Synthesis of N’-Substituted-N”-Substituted Formamidino-2-Imino-4-Thiobiurates

D. T. Tayade* , S. P. Ingole

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Quenching-Chemiluminescence New Method for Determination of Ethylmorphine by New Design Chemiluminescence Flow Injection System

K. H. Al – Sowdania, M. Abdulkadhim. Hb, Lamia. A. Rusinb

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