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American Research Journals is an Open Access Peer-reviewed Journal Publishing house. We work with researchers, academia, scientists and scholars working with various esteemed institutions and research organizations. Our Journals was started with a mission to provide a strong, online publishing platform that helps the advancement of research across the globe.

American Research Journals, publishes peer-reviewed journals, provide the best platform to encourage scientists, researchers, academics, engineers, and practitioners in all aspects to share their professional and academic knowledge in the fields computing, engineering, science humanities, social sciences, management, economics, medical science, and related disciplines.

We adopt an open access model that can disseminate an author's work worldwide and increases its impact. We have the access to the readers to view, download the submissions. American Research Journals is working hard towards bringing out excellent quality research papers, those that enhance the way that we currently look at our world. All of our journals are peer reviewed by esteemed scholars from various prestigious research institutions.

American Research Journals is always open to the relevant constructive feedback and suggestions as we always strive hard to be best in the standards of International Journal publications. We hold best Editorial Board of members to take the responsibility of upholding the veracity.

American Research Journals gives priority to quality papers which emphasize on the basic concept of contributing remarkable standards to the research area by publishing them. We always want to publish the genuine research work by elevating the standards of studies done on each subject. We are just easily accessible on for further clarifications.

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