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American Research Journals is the scientific endeavor instigated to disseminate and to encourage the exchange of scientific knowledge, research literature through its open access, peer reviewed journals. We have 45 eminent journals in various disciplines of Medicine, Life Sciences, Business, Pharmacy, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Engineering & Technology, Agriculture and Social Sciences. We aspire to publish and broaden the peer reviewed scientific journals to all over the global scientific world from students to researchers through its open access platform. Because of the open-access nature, we aim to serve authors and readers by providing them an easy and reliable source of knowledge.

We provide an ample range of standard articles that are published after a rigorous peer-review process by the expert Editorial board and reviewer team. We do not compromise on unbiased performance and quality output from our part as we give utmost importance to the quality of research and innovation. Join American Research Journals to access quality and contemporary scientific research.