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    American Research Journal of Addiction and Rehabilitation
    American Research Journal of Agriculture
    American Research Journal of Biosciences
    American Research Journal of Business and Management
    American Research Journal of Cardiovascular Diseases
    American Research Journal of Chemistry
    American Research Journal of Civil and Structural Engineering
    American Research Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology
    American Research Journal of Electrical Engineering
    American Research Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering
    American Research Journal of Emergency and Intensive Critical care
    American Research Journal of Endocrinology
    American Research Journal of English and Literature
    American Research Journal of Geriatrics and Aging
    American Research Journal of Gynaecology
    American Research Journal of Hematology
    American Research Journal of History and Culture
    American Research Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences
    American Research Journal of Mathematics
    American Research Journal of Mechanical and Automation Engineering
    American Research Journal of Medicine and Surgery
    American Research Journal of Nursing
    American Research Journal Of Oncology
    American Research Journal of Orthopedics and Traumatology
    American Research Journal of Pharmacy
    American Research Journal of Physics
    American Research Journal of Urology
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I have published by numerous recognized journals already. I can say that American Research Journals have a much faster turnaround time and your process of publication appears to be very efficient. In fact, getting in contact with you while I'm travelling from places has strengthened my confidence in you. I was very happy and it was a very productive cooperation. I am convinced that you are a publishing house one can trust.
Dr. Aaron Paul M. Pineda, Business Faculty, The American College of Dubai
It is a great pleasure to me to write a testimonial for the American Research Journals. I joined to the editorial team of American Research Journals as an editor two years ago. I have sent my manuscripts for consideration and received some manuscripts to review during this period. It was a great pleasure and experience for me to work with this great family. I think, the submission process is very simple and the communication with journal staff is generally very fast. The comments of editors and reviewers are insightful and absolutely improve the quality of the work. I recommend to everyone I know to publish their papers in our journals if they need aa quick and quality publications. I hope working in this great publishing house for long years.
Isa Muslu,PhD, Mathematics, Computer Science
I am a Nigerian researcher in the field of Geotechnical Engineering and an author of several published articles in local and international journals. My publishing experience with the American Research Journal of Civil and Structural Engineering has been great and smooth. I enjoyed a lot of benefits based on the professional touch and attention this establishment is given to research articles. I will always want to contribute to this journal.
Dr Kennedy C Onyelowe, Nigerian researcher
I think the journal is well organised, everything is good, service is fast and good. Only one thing is that as a standard of high quality journal in mathematics, I think you should produce journal using TeX/LaTeX. Any version of words+equations, etc... is not appropriate to to produce high quality mathematical journal.
Do Ngoc Diep, Prof. in Math., DSc., PhD. , Institute of Mathematics (VienToanhoc), Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology